PHP & MySQL Training Course Syllabus


PHP Development Course Details

  • Introduction of Web & PHP

  • Exploring Data Types in PHP

  • Control Structures: Logical Expressions

  • Control Structures: Working with Loops

  • User-Defined Functions in PHP

  • Pre-Defined Functions in PHP

    Number Function, String Funtion, Date-Time Function etc.
  • Building Web Pages with PHP, HTML, CSS

  • Working with Forms and Form Data

  • Using PHP to Access MySQL

  • Building a Content Management System

    Insert, Delete, Update and Display Data, Access data From Database with CMS Panel
  • PHP Library: PHP Mailer

    Sending Mail with Different Way

MySQL Course Details

  • Introduction

    What is SQL, why SQL, working with MySQL
  • Basic Query

    How to create / Drop database & Table, Data types in SQL,Select, Insert, delete, Update & alter
  • Operator & Functions

    Working with Operator in SQL Query, Distinct , Between , Limit Keyword, auto increment, Using Aggregate functions in Queries, String Function in Queries
  • Managing Tables and Joins

    Primary key,Foreign Key , Introduction to joins, types of join- inner join, outer join, self join & Join Relationship and Union
  • Various Clause

    Where, Like, Order By, Group By , execute sql queries with various clause

Course Duration

02 Months ( 1 Hour Daily )
03 Months ( 2 Hour Daily )


10th Qualified



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