JQuery Training Course Syllabus


JQueryTraining Course Details

  • Introduction

    Why JQuery ?, Various JQuery Library, Including Library in Our Programming
  • Get Started

    Syntax Basics, jQuery Selectors, jQuery Events
  • JQuery Function

    jQuery Hide and Show Effect, jQuery Fade Effect, jQuery Slide Effect, jQuery Animate, jQuery Callbacks
  • Get and Set/Add and Remove

    jQuery Get, jQuery Set, jQuery Add, jQuery Remove, jQuery css, jQuery Width, jQuery Height
  • Predefined Function in Java Scripts

    Date-time Function, String Function, Number Function
  • Ajax, $.get, and $.post Method

    url, data values and call back
  • UI with JQuery

    Implementing Accordion, Implementing Date-picker, Implementing Slider, Implementing Progress-bar, Implementing Tabs
  • Live Projects & Assignments

Course Duration

01 Month ( 2 Hours Daily )
02 Months ( 1 Hour Daily )


10th Qualified



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