Python Course Syllabus


Core Python Course Details

  • Introduction

    History of Python,Features ,Environment Setup,Setting Python Environment Variable in Windows
  • Python Basic

    Input/output in python, and variables, introduction of list, dictionary,and tuple
  • Python Operators

    Arithmetic, Comparison,Assigning,Bitwise,Logical, Membership and Identify
  • Decision Making Statement

    if statement, if elif else statement , nested if statement
  • Loops

    while loop statement, for loop statement, nested loop, loops control statement - break and continue
  • Python Function

    Number functions,String function, and date and time function
  • Python List

    Accessing values in list, update and delete values in list, delete list and other list function
  • Python Tuple and Dictionary

    Accessing values , update and delete values , and other list function
  • User defined function in Python

    Define a function, call function, pass by reference vs values,function arguments, defaults arguments, return statement, local and global variables
  • Python package

    What is package, import statement in python
  • Working with file in python

    write a file, read a file in python, open and close method in python and others
  • OOP in python

    Overview of OOP Terminology , create a class and define instance variables, method overloading and operator overloading
  • Mysql Database access in python

    what is MySQL, how to install mysql, database connection, create database , table, and insert data, delete data, update data, and select data with various clauses

Course Duration

01 Months ( 2 Hours Daily )
02 Months ( 1 Hour Daily )


10th Qualified



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