Course on Computer Concept (CCC) Syllabus


CCC Course Details

  • Introduction to computer:

    Recognize the basic components of computers and familiar with the computer terminology, characteristics of computer e-governance, multimedia etc.
  • Introduction to GUI Based operating System:

    Learn GUI BASED Operating System, File Management etc.
  • Elements of Word processing :

    Learn WORD PROCESSING packages, document creation, saving editing, insertion, of tables etc. in documents
  • Spreadsheets:

    Will learn about creation of SPREAD SHEET, Cell manipulation, Insertion and deletion of rows, columns, charts, graphs functions etc.
  • Introduction to Internet, WWW and web browsers:

    Learn INTERNET, WWW and WEB BROWSERS, Searching content etc.
  • Communication & Collaboration:

  • Application of presentation:

    Demonstrate presentation Software like Power Point
  • Application of Digital Financial Services:

    Learnt Internet for FINANCIAL SERVICES and will aware of various schemes of Govt. of India

Course Duration

80 Hours


10th Qualified



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