Advanced Excel Course Syllabus


Advanced Excel Course Details

  • Volume- I

    1. Introducing Excel
    2. Entering and Editing Worksheet Data
    3. Essential Worksheet Operations
    4. Working with Cells and Ranges
    5. Including Tables
    6. Introducing Formulas and Functions
    7. Worksheet Formatting
    8. Understanding Excel Files
    9. Using and Creating Templates
    10. Printing Your Work
  • Volume- II

    1. Introducing Formula and Functions
    2. Creating Formulas That Manipulate Text
    3. Essential Worksheet Operations
    4. Working with Dates and Times
    5. Creating Formulas That Count and Sum
    6. Creating Formulas That Loop Up Values
    7. Introducing Array Formulas
    8. Using Data Validation
    9. Introducing Pivot Tables
    10. Getting Started Making Charts
    11. Visualising Data Using Conditional Formatting
  • Volume- III

    1. Making Your Worksheet Error-Free
    2. Using Custom Number Formats
    3. Linking and Consolidating Worksheet
    4. Performing Magic with Array Formulas
    5. Creating Formulas For Financial Applications
    6. Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables
    7. Getting Data From External Database Files
    8. Performing Spreadsheet What-If Analysis
    9. Analyzing Data Using Goal Seeking and Solver
    10. Creating and Using Worksheet Outlines
    11. Learning Advanced Charting
    12. Protecting Your Work
    13. Customising the Excel User Interface
    14. Introducing Visual Basic for Application

Course Duration

02 Months ( 1 Hour Daily)


10th Qualified



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