C++ Language Programming Course Syllabus


C++ Language programming Course Details

  • Module - I : Introduction to Programmming Language

    Execution of C++ Program, History, Structure of C++ Program, Character Set, Identifier, Variable, Keywords, Escape Sequence Characters Real Constant, Integer Constant, Character Constant, String Constant, Data Types, Qualifier
  • Module - II : Operators

    Assignment Operator, Arithmetic Operators, Logical Operators, Relational Operators, Shorthand Operators, Unary Operators, Conditional / Ternary Operator, Bitwise Operators, Operator Precedence and Associativity, If Statement, If-Else Statement, Nested If-Else, Switch Case
  • Module - III : Array

    Single / One Dimensional Array, Two Dimensional Array
  • Module - IV : Functions

    Function call by passing value, Function call by returning value, Function call by passing and returning value, Recursion
  • Module - V : Structure & Pointer

    Structure, Array in Structures, Structure with Array, Difference between array and structure
  • Module - VI : Classes & Derived Classes , OOPS Concepts

    Access Control, Constructors, Member functions, Static members, Derived Classes, Abstract Classes
  • Note : We helps students to develop their projects & Assignments

Course Duration

01 Months
02 Months


10th Qualified



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