PhotoShop Training Course Syllabus


Photoshop Training Course Details

  • Introduction

    Introduction to Vector and Raster Graphics, Resolution, Creating canvass and customising the size & Work space switch between work space. Opening the existing image and changing image size and saving with different file formats JPEG, BMP, PNG, Using Selection Tools. Rectangular Marquee, Ellliptical marquee, Single Column marquee how to create own designs now to select images. Using Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, Magicwand tool, Saving the selection, Crop tool, Move Tool, File-New, Open, Browse, Close, Close All, Save, Save as, keyboard shortcuts
  • Editing in Photoshop

    Edit- Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste into, Undo, Step Forward, Step Backward, Paint Bucket, Fill Stroke, Changing the Background Color, Foreground Color, Gradient. Select-All, Deselect, Reselect, Inverse, Grow, Similar, Transform Selection, Load Selection, Save Selection, Creating Design using Brush, Crating our own Brush, Clone stamp Tool, Pattern stamp Tool, Art history Brush Tool, Define brush, preset. Brush Tool, Pencil Tool. Color Replacement Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool, Red Eye tool, Eraser Tool, Blur Tool, Sharpen Tool, Smudge Tool, Dodge Tool, Burn Tool, Sponge Tool.
  • Working with Shapes and Tools

    Working with Vector Shapes, Working with symbols, Saving Symbols in library, Pen Tool, Free form, Add Anchor point Tool, Delete Anchor Point Tool, Convert Point Tool, Creating Text-Horizontal Type Tool, Vertical Type Tool, Horizontal Type Mask Tool, Vertical Type Mask Tool, Path Selection, Direct Selection Tool, Custom Shape Tool.
  • Layers

    Working with layers, Layers> New> Layer, Layer from background, Group, Group form Layer, Layer via Copy, Layer Via Cut layer properties, Layer Style-Blending options. (Dropp Shadow, Inner Shadow, Outer Glow, Inner Glow, Bevel and Emboss, Satin, Color Overlay, Pattern Overlay, Stroke, New Fill Layer, New Adjustment Layer, Copy Layer Style, Paste Layer Style, Scale Effects
  • Working with Layers

    Layer Mak, Vector Mask, Creating Clipping Mask, Group Layers Un group Layers, Hide layers, Arrange, Align, Distribution, Link Layers, Select Linked Layers, Merge Down, Merge Visible, Flatten Image.
  • Image editing and Filtering

    Working with images & Color correction, Image-Gray Scale, RGB color, CMYK Mode, Indexed color, Adjustment- levels, Auto levels, Auto Contrast, Auto color,Curves, Color balance, Brightness & Contrast, Black & White, Hue Saturation, Desaturate, Match Color, Replace Color, Selective Color, Channel Mixer, Gradient Map, Photo-Filter, Duplicate, Apply image Rotate Canvas.
  • Brush Tool and More

    Working with filter, filter gallery, artistic brush stroke, distort, sketch, style, texture, render, blur, sharpener, pattern, maker, vanishing point, guide, rulers, Lock guides, Clear Guides.
  • Finish and Save

    Working with actions, Saving Actions, Applying Action, Automate, Batch, PDF presentation. Create Drop let, Crop and straighten photos, Picture package, Conditional mode change, Fit image, Photo Merge, Merge to HDR.

Course Duration

45 Days ( 2 Hours Daily )


10th Qualified



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