Java Script Training Course Syllabus


Java Script Training Course Details

  • Introduction

    Why Java Script ?, Client Side v/s Server Side, Advantages & Disadvantages of Java Script
  • Get Started with Java Script

    Basic Syntax of Java Script, Data types & Variables in Java Script, Operators in Java Script
  • Decision Making & Iteration

    if else and Nested if in Java Script, switch case, Loops in Java Script, break statement in loops
  • Array in Java Script

    Whats is an Array, Types of Array, Array functions in Java Script
  • Predefined Function in Java Scripts

    Date and time Function, String Function, Number Function
  • Function And Events

    Create a function , Arguments in function, calling Function in Java Scripts, Events- Key Events, Click Events, Mouse Events, Box Events in Java Script
  • Features and Tricks

    Creating Progress bar, Timer, and Menu Slider with Java Script
  • Live Projects & Assignments

Course Duration

01 Month ( 2 Hours Daily )
02 Months ( 1 Hour Daily )


10th Qualified



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