HTML 5 + CSS3 Training Course Syllabus


HTML 5 Course Details

  • Introduction

    What is Website, WWW System, History of HTML
  • Getting Started with HTML5

    HTML5 DOCTYPE, Page Encoding, HTML5 Mark-up, New And Updated Elements, Structural Elements, New Attributes, Deprecated Elements And Attributes,
  • Form in Website

    Needs, Current Solutions, New Input Types, New Attributes, Form Validation, Browser Support,
  • Hyperlinks

    Internal & External
  • Table Structure

    table head, table footer ,table body , row and column merge in a table
  • Multimedia & Graphics

    Use Audio, Video files in Website, Working with Image, Show PDF and Text File Data in HTML, marquee in HTML
  • Live Projects & Assignments

CSS3 Course Details

  • Introduction

    CSS Introduction, CSS Syntax, CSS Id & Class, CSS Styling, Styling Backgrounds, Styling Text, Styling Fonts, Styling Links, Styling Lists, Styling Tables, CSS Box Model, CSS Border, CSS Outline, CSS Margin, CSS Padding, CSS Advanced, CSS Grouping/Nesting, CSS Dimension, CSS Display, CSS Positioning, CSS Floating, CSS Align, CSS Navigation Bar
  • Selectors, Fonts and Text Effects

    Fonts on the Web, Font Services, The @font-face Rule, Text Shadow, Word Wrapping, Attribute Selectors
  • Colours, Gradients, Background Images, and Masks

    Colour, Opacity Property, Backgrounds, background-origin, and background-size,Layout: Columns and Flexible Box, Flexible Box Model,Media Queries
  • Filter Property in CSS3

    filter: none | blur() | brightness() | contrast() | drop-shadow() | grayscale() | hue-rotate() | invert() | opacity() | saturate() | sepia() | url();

Course Duration

01 Months ( 2 Hours Daily )
02 Months ( 1 Hour Daily )


10th Qualified



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