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Solid Works Course Details

Module 1


Solid works used interface(file, view, tools), Solidworks resources, feature manager, Dim Expert Manager, Display Manager, Display Panel, Search Tool Origin, Introduction of three primary planes, Preparing of sketchlines(center line, midpoint line), Smart Dimensions, Circle, Parameter Circle, Arc (Tangnt Arc, Center Point Arc), Slots, Plygon, Sketch Fillet, Changer Paint, Trim Entities, Stand Entitites, Offset Entities, Mirror Entities, Linear Sketch, Circular Sketch Pattern, Move Entities, Copy Entities, Rotate Entities, Scale Entities, Stretch Entities, Display Relation, Edit Relation, Add Relation, Relationships of sketch, Repairing Sketch, Qucik Snap, How they use?

Module 2

Part Modelling

Features(Extrude), Types of Extrude, How they use?, Draft Angle, Revolve Types, Left Extrude Cut, Sweep Cut, Left Cut, 3D Chanfer, 3D Fillet, 3D Patterns and their types, Mirrors, Draft RIB Features, Shell Wrap, Intersect Mirror, Refrence Plan, Axis, Coordinate System Point, Curves Split Line, Project Curve, Whole Wizard their standards and their types,

Module 3


Introduction to UI of Assembly Section, Inserting the Components, Understanding the Mates, Gear Mates, Exploded View, Deleting the mates, Generating the copies of Material, Applying the material

Module 4


Introduction to Surface and UI, Extrude, Surface, Loft, Sweep, Boundary Field Surface, Field Surface(Contact, Tangent Curvature), Free form, Face Deforamation, Curves, Display curve points, make a planar surface, Offset Surface, Ruled Surface

Module 5

3D Designing

Introduction to 3D, Need of 3D Dimensions, Views, Coordinatee system in 3D, Types of 3D Models: Wireframe, Mesh, Surface, Solid MOdel, Predefined Primitives: Box, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid, Sohere, Wedge, PoliSolid, Torus, Helix, 3D Gizzmos, 3D Move, 3D Rotate, 3D Scale, Align Mirror, 3D Array, Slice, Solid Editing : Subtract, Union, Intersect, Imprint, Edge, Fillet Edge, Chamfer Edge, Copy Edge, Color Edge, Extrude Face, Movee Face, Offset Face, Delete Face, Taper Face, Rotate Face, Color Face, Copy Face,

Module 6

Surface Editing

Trim, Untrim, Extend, Convert to nurvs, Conveert to mesh , Mesh Modelling, Smooth more, Smoothless, Refine More, Crease, Uncrease, Split Face, Extrude Face, Loft, Revolve , Sweep, Press Pull, Extrude, Isometric Views, 3D Array, 3D Mirror, 3D Align

Module 7

Camera Settings, Ligth Settings, Material Settings

3D Clip, 3D Orbit, 3D Distance, 3D Fly, 3D Fly Orbit, 3D Pan, 3D SWibel, 3D Walk, 3D Zoom, Free spot, Point light, Spot light, Target Point, Web light , Render, Render Crop, Material Browser, Material Mapping, Draw Order, Import, Export

Module 8

Projects & Assignments

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