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Why Choose Java?

Today we live in DATA world. To create a small web application in cell phone to a large enterprise application that run on internet, we use Java/ J2EE programming language. Java programming is simple, object-oriented, robust , secure, architecture-neutral and portable, high performance, interpreted, threaded and dynamic.

Java is suitable to any graduate who wants to settle in IT industry. Just graduate back ground is enough to start. We will make you more comfortable. Any person Graduate with BCA, BTech, MCA, MTech, BSc. IT, Msc. IT etc will get more advantage by choosing Java as a career.

Job opportunities in Java

Today everyone wants to their business to be automated and distribute over the internet. The World is becoming smarter and internet reached even remote areas. Most of the companies look for Java because of its secure, distribute, simple, maps easily to real time objects. 90% company’s choice is Java for their business.

Course Details

Module 1

JAVA Introduction

Introduction to java, What is java, History of java, Features of java, Setup of java, JVM JRE JDK, Fundamental of java, Data types and operators, Primitive Data types, NonPrimitive data types, Assignment Operator, Arithmetic Operator, Comparison Operator, Logical Operator, Bitwise Operator,Conditional Operator

Module 2

JAVA Statements

Conditioning Statements, Conditioning statements with, If,if-else,nested if-else, Switch statement, While, for, do-while, Class and Methods, Classes and Objects, Method overloading, Static and this keyword,

Module 3

JAVA Constructor

Constructors, Abstract class, Interface, Wrapper class

Module 4

JAVA Packages

Inheritance and Packages, Types of inheritance, Method overriding, Packages, Access Modifiers

Module 5

JAVA I/O Arguments

Java I/O, Command Line Arguments, Scanner, File Handling, Strings and Arrays, Exception handling, Try and catch, Try with multiple catch blocks

Module 6


JDBC basics, JDBC Architecture, Using JDBC drivers and DriverManager, Class Connection and connecting to a database, Driver types

Module 7

JAVA Collection & Generics

Java Collections and Generics, The Collections Framework and its API, Collections and Java Generics, Applet, Java AWT, Java Swing

Module 8

JAVA Servlets

Servlets and JSP with the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), Web Application, JSP Directives

Live Projects & Assignments

We helps students to develop dynamic projects.

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